About Kush Vinyl

For several years I have been digging, DJing, and making beats. Over the time that I have been digging, I have expanded my “quest for the holy grail” to all ends of the globe. In just the past few years I have started seeking records not only for myself but also to provide to like-minded individuals. This site is devoted to bringing obscure and rare sounds to the hands of DJs and producers seeking unique pieces of music from various parts of the world. All the records offered on this site come from a wide range of styles and most of the things you will find offered here will be sample or DJ friendly, containing elements of funk/psych/jazz.

My mission with this site is to continually bring new selections of titles to offer, often times titles that you will be hard pressed to find anywhere else online or out in the field. As I continue to “dig deeper into the rabbit hole” I am always seeking other items to offer and/or add to my own collection so trading is always a possibility. Please keep in mind that I am not looking to trade for any common titles, trades will only be considered for heavy or obscure pieces. I will consider trades of many styles of records including funk/soul 45s, Latin, Psych, Prog, library music, foreign breaks, and much more!

In most cases, records offered on this site will be a VG+ rating or better (grading scale below). There will be occasions of me offering lower conditions but that will either be because the item is very rare or hard to find a clean copy of. Items from countries like Korea, Turkey, and India are hard to get above VG to VG+ so items from these countries will generally meet VG- to VG grades.

Lastly, if you happen to live in Los Angeles, or come to visit LA, please feel free to contact me to setup a meeting for buying/trading. House calls are welcome!


Josh (DJ Expo)

Here is a review of my grading scale:

My grading scale is based from the goldmine grading standards and I grade on the following scale (from best to worst):  SS, M-, VG+/EX, VG+, VG, VG-, G+, G.
I try to grade conservatively so often times a record may be in better condition than you are expecting. 

Sometimes an item may be marked with a grade like  VG/VG+  or G+/VG- or another similar combination. This normally indicates that the item visually is VG and plays VG+ or looks G+ and plays VG-.

SS Still Sealed – in factory-fresh condition

M Mint – I don’t use this grade.

M- Mint Minus – a near perfect, probably unplayed record. The album will play at it’s best original quality and the vinyl will have a clean glossy luster to it with no marks or scratches. Sleeves under this grade will have virtually no wear at all.

VG+ Very Good Plus / EX Excellent – close to like new with only superficial signs of use that don’t affect play. Only well cared for records will grade out to VG+ or VG+/EX. Items will be marked with the EX added to the VG+ grade when it is closer to M- than VG+. Equates to what many sellers list as Near Mint. Will satisfy all but the most demanding collector. Sleeves under this grade will have only minor wear.

VG Very Good – a used, reasonable copy. There will be obvious signs of wear and the possibility of light surface noise between tracks or during quiet passages, but still quite nice. Usually any wear to disc will just be superficial surface marks but sometimes there may be a very light hairline scratch but will not have any heavy effect on play. Sleeves of this grade will have some edge wear, ring wear or spine wear but there will not be any seam splits.

VG- Very Good Minus – significant wear and marks and usually quite noticeable surface noise. Light scratches and heavier amount of scuffs are expected for records of this grade. Sleeves under this grade can possibly have seam splits, moderate edge wear, small tear, creases, and/or moderate to heavy ring wear, may have water damage, sleeve will still be intact as one piece.

G+ Good Plus. In the record world, ‘Good’ is not good! From here on down (Fair, Poor), we’re talking about beat-up records. A good record will normally still play without skipping but will play with lots of noise. Sleeves under this grade can have full seam separation, large tears, heavy water damage, and/or more. Usually records of this grade are just fillers till a better condition can be found. I rarely will offer an item of this condition unless it’s impossible to find the record or a clean copy of it.

2 Responses to About Kush Vinyl

  1. edgar says:

    Hey whats up, you got a lot of good stuff!

    i stay in the l.a area, is it possible i can go check out your collection and buy some in person?

    can i get a number?

  2. Very interesting info!Perfect just what I was looking for!

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